If you want to...
What you need:
Run R2Net interactively on your desktop
A single user license $69.95
Run r2netcmd on a single desktop computer for personal use
A developers license $249.95
Run r2netcmd in a batch script on a server or R2Net.ocx, r2net.dll or r2net.so in a web server application
A developers license with a server runtime
$249.95 + $699.95
Use R2net.ocx, r2net.dll or r2net.so in an application or r2netcmd in a distributed product.
A developers license $249.95 for each developer, plus:
A single user runtime for each desktop (other than the developers) that your application runs on ($69.95)
A single server license for each server that your application runs on ($699.95)

If you need more than 10 runtimes, please contact us for a quote. We have aggressive discounts for quantity purchases and buyouts (royalty free) for large distributions.

If your application is for external distribution, you need to sign a redistribution agreement (please contact us).

Questions and Answers
Q: If the software is stored on a file server, do I need a server license?
A: You only need a server license if the software RUNs on the server. However, each user needs a separate license to use the software.
Q: We run a failover, redundant web server with three physical systems, but we consider them a single, clustered server. Do I need 1 or 3 server licenses?
A: You need a separate license for each physical server the software runs on.

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